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Want to give your visitors or people using your service the best possible experience? Fewer queues, smoother access to benefits or special areas? Contactless smart passes, smart keys and smart tickets improve customer experience and let everyone concentrate on what they came to do. That includes running your business with fewer grievances at access gates, pass checks or service desks.

Smart and unique ticketing solution

Confidex contactless smart passes deliver improved ease of use, security and reliability versus traditional magnetic cards. Confidex smart passes are available in various formats and are fully compliant with over 20 certifications from System Integrators and national and international standards organizations.

Whether you run a museum, amusement park, ski resort or hotel or simply concerned about security or access to your site, Confidex Smart Ticketing service provides you with more than just the tickets, passes or keys – we offer you a turnkey industry solution including a ready-to-use and personalized fare media with flexible delivery services.

Benefits to customers

  • Increased security against fraud
  • Reliability and end user customer satisfaction leading to increased revenue, reduced number of claims and related costs
  • Lower maintenance costs compared to systems using magnetic cards
  • Increased revenue through new service offerings and multi-services
  • Cost efficiency compared to PVC cards
  • Ease of personalization
  • Environmentally friendly solutions

Benefits to end users

  • Better customer experience with convenience and ease of use, new payment options, multi-services, reliability and durability, fast transactions with less queuing.


Hotel or estate access, site access, office access, event access, visitor badges, ski passes, personal identification (e.g. citizen cards, membership cards, student cards), e-money and pre-paid cards, parking payment.

selected references

Piemonte Museums Access Pass, Torino Piemonte Card, Attraction Access Pass in an Amusement Park in US, Glasgow Park&Ride Pass, Amsterdam City Card.

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