RFID tags enable reduced stocks, effective supply chains and production control

Today’s highly automated manufacturing processes require reliable tracking of materials, parts or goods along the entire supply chain. When the number of goods flowing through the process increases and the processes become more complex, asset identification with a help of RFID technology not only increases efficiency, it becomes the backbone of the whole production line.

Confidex RFID tags enable increased automation in goods tracking at several phases in today’s manufacturing and/or logistic chains. RFID brings visibility and efficiency starting from managing the prototype parts until the outbound distribution of the finished goods.

Manufacturing processes often times involve processes in harsh environmental conditions (e.g. high temperature, humidity, abrasion, presence of chemicals or other fluids) in which traditional barcode labels are poorly suited for. RFID systems are utilized at several phases of manufacturing to increase efficiency and reliability.

Benefits to manufacturers and logistics operator

  • Reduced operating costs due to improved operational efficiency (e.g. increased automation) and minimized loss of assets and production waste.
  • Reduced shipping errors and increased visibility and supplier collaboration within a supply chain.
  • Improved security and proof of authenticity with increased visibility of goods within a supply chain.
  • More accurate inventories.
  • Cost reduction through minimized buffer inventories and increased inventory turnover.
  • Better control over materials - right parts and components are readily available for the just-in-time production.
  • Improved utilization of assets and resources by minimizing waiting times and eliminating waste or re-work.

Confidex provides RFID solutions for industries such as Automotive manufacturing; Pulp, paper and packaging; Logistics and Returnable Transit Items (RTI).

Automotive manufacturing

Confidex offers a complete and industry compliant RFID tag and label portfolio to the needs of automotive industry. Confidex is able to supply finished, ready to use labels and tags for your process specific applications, components and parts. Today Confidex tags are being used for identifying several million different assets: returnable transit items (RTI's), prototype parts, car bodies and components and finished cars in distribution.

Pulp, paper & packaging

RFID brings an effective and reliable way to track pulp units and generate savings in material flow management - the solution translates into reduced shipping errors and increased visibility of goods within a supply chain. Confidex RFID tags meet the unique requirements of the manufacturing processes in the pulp and paper industry.

Logistics and RTI

Confidex can provide RFID tag or label solution with suitable attachment method for all commonly used RTI types. CFX RFID tags enable cost efficient solutions for optimized logistics and effective asset management. For instance, Confidex RFID solution enabled Goodpack, the world’s largest metal intermediate bulk container provider, gains increased visibility over 2 million assets, reduce manual administration, decrease asset loss and costs.