Today’s highly automated manufacturing processes require reliable tracking of materials, parts or goods along the entire global supply chain. When the number of goods flowing through the process increases and the processes become more complex, asset identification with a help of RFID technology creates several benefits for its user.


  • Reduced shipping errors, additional security and increased visibility of goods within a supply chain.
  • High process yields – customers reporting 99.96%
  • Cost reduction through minimized buffer inventories and increased inventory turnover. More accurate inventories.
  • Right parts and components are readily available for the just-in-time production.
  • Improved utilization of assets and resources by minimizing waiting times and eliminating waste or re-work.
  • Accurate component-level traceability enables improved quality control

Confidex offers a complete RFID tag portfolio for the needs of automotive industry. The RFID tags and labels are capable of withstanding high temperatures and harsh conditions throughout the car production process. With the help of Confidex RFID tags car manufacturers are able to track their production assets all the way from the welding and paint shop to the point of final assembly.

In addition to improved control of materials in production, RFID solutions can be used for streamlining inbound logistics and tracking the distribution of finished vehicles. Today, Confidex tags are being used for identifying totally several millions of various assets: returnable transit items (RTI's), prototype parts, car bodies and finished cars in distribution.

Selected references: Volvo Cars, Porsche

Confidex RFID Products for Automotive

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