The identification applications in the automotive industry vary for example from ensuring critical components are at the right place in production at the right time to outbound logistics of ready vehicles. The amount of different types of assets is vast and so is the need for different types of RFID tags and labels. It is obvious that one can’t use the same RFID product for plastic crate used in warehouse conditions and for car body that goes through harsh chemical baths and paint shops.


In addition to the optimum product fit to each application, quality in its many aspects is as vital part of any technology that is used in the automotive industry. For Confidex, quality means:

  • Reliably performing products with high RF performance
  • Products complying with automotive industry standards (VDA, AIAG, ODETTE)
  • Delivery capability in small and high volumes.
  • Personalization services for the products
  • Experience in designing demanding customized products and lastly
  • Total control over our products through our own RFID tag and label design and manufacturing capabilities.
  • We are also audited successfully by automotive companies.

For creating visibility in the complex industry, Confidex RFID tags and labels enable data from physical world applications and assets to further use in the Industry 4.0 and IoT applications. Reliably.


Parts and components management
Tracking parts and components with RFID enables real-time visibility on each items related data such as type, quality and production details. Due to the diverse types of parts, whether they are car bumpers, gear boxes or for example interior components, also the RFID product needs to be optimized for each item. Confidex offering includes various RFID label and tag types for parts – for example Confidex Silverline™ product family: these RFID labels can be used on all of the materials and they can be printed/encoded with the most printer brands in the market.

Inbound Logistics
Metal pallets, plastic returnable containers and metal stillages are few examples of the various returnable transit items (RTI) that are widely used in automotive inbound and production logistics. Confidex is working in the world’s largest RTI projects to provide reliable and durable RFID tagging solutions for global logistics. As an example, Confidex Ironside Slim™ is a dedicated on-metal RTI tag that can be attached on various types of different metal structures and reading reliable with gate, handheld and forklift truck readers. Read also: 8 reasons why Ironside Slim

WIP monitoring
One identification technology through the complete production process of the car? Confidex Corona™ RFID tag is designed to follow the car body from the beginning of the bodyshop until the end of the final assembly. The RFID tag is used for monitoring the work-in-progress of each car and its ID combines all of the car body related data such as the model, type, production data and robot data. Corona tolerates the harsh chemical and paint exposures and performs reliably with different reader setups.

Outbound distribution
Ready cars’ shipment and delivery can be streamlined with RFID. By equipping cars with specially designed RFID labels they can be automatically guided to dedicated parking areas and eventually to the correct destinations and vessels. The same RFID product is often also used for automating end-of-line procedures, such as car quality control, re-work and release management. Using automated identification of cars decreases errors and reduces time when then all car-related information is available real-time. Suitable Confidex product for the application is Confidex Car Distribution Label™ that stays reliably on car window during distribution but does not leave any residuals once removed.


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