In Äänekoski, Finland, construction is underway on the world's first next-generation bio-product mill to convert wood raw material into a diverse range of products while producing essential bio-energy and various bio-materials. This incredible operation is the largest ever investment in the forest industry in Finland, and is expected to have an annual impact on the Finnish economy of over half a billion euros while providing 2,500 jobs.

This mill will be exporting massive amounts of pulp which will be used in the global pulp and paper industry - a 500 billion euro ($567 billion) industry with 2,315 businesses employing more than 745,000 people - to manufacture products like high-quality tissue and writing papers, industrial paper and cardboard.

The mill’s operator, Metsä Fibre, is a forerunner in utilizing wireless technology. The company is ensuring the efficient management of its massive logistics chain using an innovative radio-frequency identification (RFID) label solution from Confidex which the company has been utilizing over the past four years in its manufacturing and distribution operations.

Four years ago, RFID was in use at one Metsä Fibre mill, two seaports and at one customer. Today, Metsä Fibre’s RFID system is running in all of their pulp mills in Finland, several seaports, and in multiple customer operations. 

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"We needed a very reliable, accurate and efficient way of tracking the units throughout the supply chain.

We partnered with Confidex not only for their experience in designing RFID labels for unique requirements, but also for their capabilities in manufacturing such custom labels in high quantities.

In our co-operation with Confidex we value especially their agility in supporting our needs.”

- Matti Alanen, Metsä Fibre, Vice President, Logistics Finland