Automatic vehicle identification

Each week 7 million vehicles are identified with Confidex RFID tags and labels

Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) based on UHF RFID tags and labels enables cost efficient and reliable solutions for vehicle and traffic management. Vehicles can be detected remotely, even at high speeds. This keeps traffic flowing smoothly at toll gates and checkpoints, and brings comfort to drivers and inspectors.

Confidex’s AVI products offer also attractive and affordable solutions for electronic road toll collection and electronic vehicle registration. The products offer a wide range of personalization, service and delivery options to support the integration in customer specific procedures and issuing processes.


Electronic road toll collection (ETC), electronic vehicle registration (EVR), traffic management, taxation, border crossing, access control, automated parking payment, insurance document verification, license plate authentication and control.

Benefits to industry operators or service providers

  • Security against fraud
  • Faster and smoother traffic flow to reduce congestion
  • Lower maintenance costs

Benefits to end users

  • Better customer experience due to ease of use, fast transactions and smooth traffic flows.

Products suitable for electronic road toll collection and electronic vehicle registration

  • Confidex Windshield labels
  • Confidex UHF Plastic Card
  • Confidex License Plate tags
  • Various customized products for your more specific needs.