23.3.2016, 1:49
Lean manufacturing is all about minimizing waste – be it time or material. The key to improved efficiency is reliable identification of components. Every aspect of our latest generation Corona RFID tag is designed to meet the challenges of a car production line, making identification fast and reliable.
17.3.2016, 11:25
Hilti Corporation, a leading-edge technology and solution provider serving construction industries in over 120 countries, has launched a novel ON!Track Asset Management solution to help construction professionals make most of their assets and resources. The new web-based service utilizes RFID technology and Confidex RFID tags and labels to trace tools, machines and equipment at various construction sites.
8.3.2016, 0:47
Products designed for specific customer needs make up a large part of Confidex sales. Sometimes the resulting product finds its way to our generic offering. Such was the case with Confidex Carrier Tough Slim™ – an RFID tag designed specifically for plastic pallets and other returnable containers.

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