Confidex Carrier micro

Confidex Carrier Micro™

Confidex Carrier Micro™ is a small-sized special label with strong grip for non-metallic surfaces. Because of its small footprint it enables new possibilities on asset tracking applications. Confidex Carrier Micro™ is designed to withstand typical washing processes that plastic assets will be facing during their lifecycle. Product is delivered in reel format and it can be encoded and printed with RFID printers that are capable of printing labels with small separation.

Confidex Carrier Micro™ is an ideal solution for those who are looking for a decent performance in a very small sized RFID label that can withstand demanding environment. In addition to the applications in supply chain, the wide-band antenna design enables the tag to be used in various applications including IT and enterprise asset management.

Applicable industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • ICT And Electronics
  • Logistics And RTI Operation
  • Healthcare
Confidex Carrier Micro™

Personalization options

  • Encoding
  • Printing

Confidex Carrier Micro™

Product details

Product Category



UHF (C1G2)




40 x 10 x 0,2 mm
1,57 x 0,39 x 0,01 in


128 bit EPC
256 bit EPC + 640 bit

Read range

up to 4 m
13 ft


-35°C to + 90°C
-31°F to + 194°F

IP class