A product that fits your needs

Are you looking for a custom solution or something completely new? Let's work together make it a reality. 

In addition to the standard product offering, our value added services can provide you with uniquely designed RFID tags for your more specific needs. In some cases, your tags may require an additional attachment method or a data matrix label on top. But it may also be the case that no tag in the market meets your requirements, creating the need for a totally new tag design.

Customer-specific RFID products


At first, our sales representative will go through the basic requirements of the application together with the customer. Most of the key requirements collected are related to operational conditions like ambient temperature, impact resistance and physical size. However, they may also include commercial details including the targeted market prices, production quantities and schedules.


When the product requirement specification is available, our R&D will start concept development for the new tag. Our engineering team works closely with yours to ensure that no details are overlooked before entering the production phase. After this initial proofing stage, the actual tag development can begin.


Depending upon the complexity of the tag structure, the development phase can take up one to six months. During this time the endurance of the tag is tested and stabilized to ensure readiness for larger production series. Additionally, the design of the tag is perfected in order to maximize its reading range and performance.

Prototypes and production

Once the development phase is concluded, the first production series of the new tag is tested in the actual use at the customer premises. After all tests have been concluded, the product is released to final production.